Our Team

This is our team! Pictured from left to right: Jerrid Denney, Justin Frampton, Dani Frampton, and Allie Holmes.

Dani & Justin Frampton have owned and operated Frampton Homes since 2007. Justin is President of Frampton Homes and works directly with all home owners & contractors to make sure your home is exactly what you want and is finished in a timely manner. He uses his years of hands on experience to manage the quality of each home. Dani also works hands on with every home owner to help them make decisions! Using her unique and fun style, along with her design background, she will ensure you have a one-of-a-kind home that represents your individual style.

Jerrid is our Project Manager for Frampton Homes. He works very closely with every home owner and contractor while working on site, ensuring every detail and product is finished exactly how you want it to be. We take pride in building homes that are stylish, and built on the highest quality standards.

Allie is our Designer for Frampton Homes. She works directly with each home owner helping them make design decisions throughout their home building process! We always want to make sure each home owner is able to represent their individual style through their design picks. She takes pride in connecting with each client, learning their style, and ensuring they are happy with all their selections on their new home!

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